Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY Inspired Pineapple Pillow

Hi everyone!

From my previous DIY many of you asked for a DIY tutorial about the pineapple pillow that was featured in the video.  The pineapple pillow was a gift from my boyfriend and I included it with the scallop pillow just for decoration.  Since I received so many request for a tutorial I spent weeks trying to figure out the right materials and how I was going to put this all together.  So the video above shows my outcome.  It came out to be more on the square side so that is why I am calling this an "inspired" pineapple pillow.  As always the materials are affordable.  You can purchase everything from crafts stores and all together this cost me less than $4 to create one pillow.  Instructions and more details are included in the video.  I hope you enjoy!!