Thursday, March 6, 2014

Room Decor DIY - Scalloped Map Garland

When it comes to my crafty DIY projects, I am always thinking about projects that are affordable and easy for anyone to create.  Here is another affordable and easy, room decor DIY.  Learn how you can create your own scalloped map garland which is perfect to spice up a boring, empty wall.  Watch the video to learn or follow the simple steps listed below.    

You will need:
World Atlas or Map (found mines at the thrift store for $1)
cotton string
round bowl (preferably plastic)
decorative clips (damage free hanging)
glue stick

Step 1
Choose your favorite destinations.  This could be a state, country, etc.  I chose 11 places which made 11 scallops.

Step 2
Place plastic bowl on your chosen destination.  Keep in mind, to create the scallops you start with a circle and you will be folding it in half.  So if there is the name of the destination, for example, Brazil.  You want to make sure the name will show on the correct side and not in the fold.

Step 3
With scissors, cut what you have traced and you should have a circle.

Step 4
Fold your cut out in half.  Again make sure you have the fold on the correct side (name showing). Set aside.

Step 5
With cotton string measure the amount of string needed, this depends on how many scallops you make.  When you have your desired length, tie a double knot on both ends.  The loops are what will hang from the decorative clips.

Step 6
With your cut out and glue stick, apply glue to the middle and edge of the cut out.  

Step 7
Place String in the middle of your glued cut out.  Press down and hold in place for a few seconds.

Step 8
Tah dah! You should have your first scallop.  Continue with the same steps listed above until you have all scallops.  Use the decorative clips to hang on your wall.  You are done! 

Time: about 35minutes
Level: Easy
Cost: Under $10