Monday, March 3, 2014

Room Decor DIY - Scalloped Trim Pillow (No sew)

Today's post I am bringing you an affordable and easy room decor DIY.  Using Scalloped trim and a table napkin, I created a throw pillow.  You can watch the video above or follow the directions listed below.  I hope you enjoy!

Materials Needed:
Cloth Napkin - can be found in the dish-ware section at Target, Macys, etc 
Scalloped Trim - Craft Store
Pillow Stuffing Sutffing - I recycled my old pillow
Glue Gun

Step 1
Starting with cloth napkin.  Fold in half and glue three sides, the fourth side should be left unglued (it needs an opening to insert stuffing).

Step 2
Measure with scallop trim to determine how much trim you will use for the cloth napkin.  This step is simple because the cloth napkin has a set measurement.  Basically, you just need to follow the edge of the cloth napkin.  Measure, cut, and glue on to the edges of the cloth napkin. Let glue dry.

Step 3
Cut open an old pillow to use the stuffing.  Insert as much stuffing needed for pillow.

Step 4
Once pillow is stuffed and shaped.  Glue the end to close.  Easy right?!

Use as a throw pillow for a little extra decor on furniture.

Estimated Time of project: Under 30 minutes.
Level: Easy
Cost: Under $10