Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Hello Pretty Girls!! :)

I do receive frequent questions regarding my hair, ethnicity, etc. So I figured why not make a post on my blog where everyone can be able to view it all at once! :)

Here are the top questions that I receive...
1.) Do you wear extensions?
     ME: No.  All natural.  :)

2.) How long did it take to get your hair that long?
     ME: It took one year to grow it out to the length that I wanted and then got it layered.

3.) What kind of haircut do you have?
     ME: There is no specific name for it.  All I ask my stylist is to layer my hair (first layer starts at mid cheekbone), "v-shape", and thin it out a little bit.

4.) What is your ethnicity?
     ME:  I am mixed.  Half Japanese and the rest is Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Puerto Rican.

5.) Can you do the Boyfriend tag?
     ME:  I actually tried to get him to do the tag with me but he is camera shy :(

6.) How long were you and your boyfriend together?
    ME: We have been together for a strong 7 years. :)

Hopefully this answers all of your questions and I may do future posts like this one.  Love you all!