Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top 5 Mac accessories - Macbook pro

Welcome back!  I'm sure many of you will find this post very helpful, especially for you MacBook owners.  Comfortability and maintaining my personal belongings are very important to me because Macbooks are expensive.  I want to share my personal top 5 Mac accessories that have made my life easier.  Everything that I am sharing is under $35! If you are interested in any of the items I mentioned click the mint green or light green links.  Here are my favorites...

1.) Macbook cover - this keeps the top and bottom of my laptop dust and scratch free.  Also love the variety of colors to choose from.  The cover itself is not to dark and you are able to see the apple logo/light and the light that indicates if your laptop is sleeping. Get it HERE ($11-15)

 2.) Macbook keyboard cover - I blogged about this in my previous post.  For under $5 this keyboard cover keeps the dust and dirt out and also comes in a variety of colors and designs to fit your personality. Get it HERE ($3-5)

3.) Wireless keyboard - You may be wondering why would I purchase a keyboard when a laptop already has one.  Well, spending 7+ hours at my desk daily, the way my desk and chair are leveled, it is not good for my posture because my laptop is low and so I am always looking down.  I put it on a riser (which I will discuss as my 4th accessories) and with the wireless keyboard makes it comfortable on my wrists, won't have to worry about carpal tunnel.  Get it HERE ($15)

4.) Acrylic Phone Riser - As mentioned above my laptop sits on this riser which elevates my laptop to where I can look at my screen without having to slouch and look down.  There are a few other designs and laptop risers that are specifically for laptops.  I really wanted a clear acrylic riser because of the looks.  I couldn't find any laptop risers that came in acrylic so I managed to find this riser that is made for office phones and it works fine.  As you can see in the pictures my laptop sits perfectly on the riser and it will not fall off. Get it HERE ($34)

5.) Customizable Laptop Case - In addition a laptop case is very important to have because it's great for travel and at the same time is additional protection for your laptop.  There are many designs to choose from and I have two options that I am sharing.  The first being an affordable case and the second being a little more money but definitely worth the extra money if you want to have your own design. You can check out the designs HERE ($13-20)
The case that I have was designed by me.  I got to customize my own laptop case and the quality is amazing! Get it HERE ($70)