Thursday, February 28, 2013

My February Ellie Outfit - Workout Clothing

 Some of you may know that I started going to the gym (it's been about two months now).  My goal is to get toned, live a healthier lifestyle, and exercise often.  I know a lot of us say this but for me I am serious and committed.  Plus there are so many benefits for working out and getting exercise.  You don't just get to look good, exercise is also great for your mind, improves our mood, boosts energy, and much more!

When I  know I am dressed nicely, I feel good about myself.  This goes the same for going to the gym.  I don't want to be wearing baggy t-shirts and shorts.  I like to wear workout clothing that is style detailed, colored and comfortable.  Wearing workout clothes that I feel good in motivates me even more!

Below are pictures of my newest workout outfit from  Ellie is a online website where you can shop for  quality activewear.  This is not like the overpriced "luxury" activewear brands.  You can shop for any individual piece of your choice or join the Fit Fashionista Club and choose two pieces for just $49.95 per month.  Ellie will come out with new collections every month, this includes 16 tops and 8 bottoms.

If you decide to join the Fit Fashionista Club like I mentioned above you receive any two pieces (at any price) for just $49.95 a month.  Choose your selections before the 7th of every month or if you are having a difficult time deciding and haven't made your selection in time, you will receive a fully personalized outfit based on your style preference. Free shipping on all orders, exchanges, and returns.  You get exclusive First Look for every collection and you can pre-order your workout pieces 10 days before anyone else sees the collection.  So you will definitely get your items while in stock!  

Below are some photos of my February Ellie outfit. I chose the Just like Heaven Tank in the color grey and the Electric Love Capri (love the color!) There are more styles and colors available and if you want the exact outfit that I am wearing here the February collection will run through March so this may still be available.

MY THOUGHTS on Ellie and the items I chose (broke it down to bullet points for you)
- I own a couple of work tops and capris that were made by other brands and I have to say the design of the Ellie workout clothing were made to fit in all the right spots (at least for my body shape) 
- the material against your skin is soft and makes it so comfy I feel like I'm not wearing anything. lol
- the styles available are stylish and fun it doesn't make you feel like your wearing boring workout clothes.

You can join Ellie here and save 20% off!