Thursday, September 1, 2011

GOODBYE uRmiyeebabylove, HELLO MsBtrendy!

Happy September!

  For the first day of this month, today's post is just a little update and message.  Majority of you should know by now that I moved to a new channel.  I want to thank every single one of you who came along and subscribed to my new Fashion Channel.  Literally, I teared up when I saw my first 26 subscribers who subscribed to my new channel,  I feel so much better about my fashion channel name and even though starting all over again may be a challenge... I know that I have my loyal subscribers to count on and a TON of more fashion videos, giveaways, contests, and more to come. 

  For those of you who have been M.I.A, watch the video below as I explain what's going on. (No, I am not deleting my old account, I'm still keeping it because all of my videos are on that channel and hopefully when others view my old videos, on my old channel, they will see the annotations to let them know about my New channel.)

  Love you all!
<3, Brandy

New Fashion & Beauty Channel, MsBtrendy
♡No videos will be uploaded to uRmiyeebabylove, subscribe to my new channel MsBtrendy.
♡uRmiyeebabylove account will not be deleted, will remain open for other viewers and annotations are posted to aware viewers of my new channel.

Coming Soon:
♡ For the celebration of my new fashion and beauty channel, GIVEAWAYS and CONTESTS!
♡New MsBtrendy channel design.
♡New blog address and design.