Monday, February 14, 2011

chocolate, roses, hearts, and love!

From the start of February, my boyfriend of 6 years kept telling me he had a surprise for me on Valentines day.  Each day I tried to get him to tell me, but it didn't work LOL!
My boyfriend and I orginally had plans to get dressed and eat at my favorite restaurant Assagios, but that day I was feeling really tired and was not up to it.  So we had take out CPK and this is what I came to....

 In January, I had requested for him to make me Chocolate Covered Strawberrys for Valentines, but not just any chocolate, I wanted Godiva chocolate! hehe! ;)  For his first try, he did pretty good!

 I caught my other dog Bubu eating a rose petal! tsk tsk! ;)

 A card from him as well, didn't want to get to personal, but that's what the front of the card said...
Hope you lovely's had an enjoyable Valentines Day!
xoxo, Brandy